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Agencies, Boards & Commissions

  • Alabama Branch of Associated General Contractors

    Sectional Information Birmingham Office, Florence Office, Montgomery Office, Mobile Office, Officers Directors, Associate Officers Directors, where meetings are held, construction career opportunities

  • Alabama Construction Law

    General information about construction law in the State of Alabama and various other issues related to the construction industry. For use by general contractors, subcontractors, homeowners and consumers. Also contains links to various other construction industry related websites.

  • All About Equipment

    Listing of heavy construction equipment for sale.


    Contains information about residential construction and describes the home building process. It also includes research, preconstruction, site work, foundations, framing, rough -in interior finishes, exterior finishes and landscaping. This site also provides links to sites related to home building, home improvement, and residential construction. There is also a section on building codes, construction standards and building permits that contains information for owners and builders. Contains information assisting owners with hiring contractors, creating contracts and creating construction schedules. Finally, this site contains purchase information for an extensive list of books, guides, manuals and products related to residential architecture, construction and building codes.


    Auctions of construction equipment and supplies


    This site is designed for use in the residential construction industry and is used for confirming pricing, obtaining product specifications and making purchase orders


    Used for managing home construction projects. This site allows for users to order building supplies, such as lumber, track purchase status, schedule subcontractors and communicate with suppliers, subcontractors and customers.

  • Climate Prediction Center

    NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. Predicts short-term climate changes.

  • Contractor’s License Reference Site

    Licensing information for contractor’s in every state in the United States.

  • EIFS Legal Network

    Provides legal information relating to EIFS or synthetic stucco.

  • Home Builders Licensure Board

    This site includes general information on Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board, including board members, consumer information, legal information and information on licensing.


    Users can view home design plans on line, including floor plans


    This site includes office and extensive resource for buyers seeking new homes or looking to build a house. Also viewing of listings and properties, of lenders and builders.


    Designed for the residential homebuilder, project management needs. The site allows users to communicate, collect, access and manage electronic documents and to initiate and track purchasing orders.


    This site allows for a web-camera service for the construction industry. It allows for pictures from a construction site to be transferred over the internet

  • International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO)

    Official site of the ICBO. Information regarding the ICBO, training conferences, code, and more.


    This allows for trading and purchasing of building materials in the construction industry.

  • Machinery Trader

    This site includes listings of construction equipment for sale, rent or auction.

  • Mobile Home Builders On-Line

    This site includes listings on-line builders and related businesses in the Mobile, Alabama area. On this site, you can find new homes, home plans, building sites and home products in the Mobile, Alabama area.

  • National Association of Home Builders

    This site provides general information such as, housing issues, details on NAHB membership of state local association.

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

    Listing of average weather conditions by location and time of year. This helps the contractor in scheduling.